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About the Organization

Promotional Activities:


Promotional activities are carried out for awareness building and motivating the community people towards changing their behavioral attitude regarding health, nutrition, WatSan, personal hygiene practices etc. Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation implements the promotional activities at the community level with the aid of IEC/BCC activities and materials.


A notable number of promotional activities are facilitated for the target beneficiaries and community people. The activities include production of IEC/BCC materials (printed materials, audio-video materials, etc.), conducting courtyard meetings, counseling, organizing rallies along with mike announcing, displaying film shows and animated cartoons, folk songs containing message, small and large group discussion meetings, seminars, workshops, meetings at different forums, doorstep visits etc.


To activate all the development programs, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation has a well-equipped communication material development cell coupled with a team of skilled personnel.


Adding to these, to make aware and motivate the people, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation has been developing and using communication materials on dowry, acid crime and HIV/AIDS which have been pasted throughout the year on the back of the rickshaws containing different messages and pictures about the dreadfulness of HIV/AIDS and dowry. In fact, we always encourage people to leave smoking by anti-smoking campaign and create mass awareness through anti-trafficking campaign.




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HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Maternal & Child Health Care Interventions

Education Program Advocacy on democracy & human rights, legal aid support

Basic Education for Working Adolescent program Promotional Activities

Anti Tobacco Activities Expanded Health & Education Program Project

Anti Trafficking Movement Social Mobilization Programs with Vulnerable Group

Family Planning Interventions Institutional Building through Training Program

Disable Awareness & Rehabilitation Child Sexual Abuse Protection Movement

Adolescent Girls Program Water and Sanitation for Sustainable Development

Establish Gender Equality, Women Human Rights and Good Governance

Poultry and Livestock Program Technical Services for Poorest


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Anti Trafficking Campaign Dowry Prevention Campaign Cultural Program Child Rights Awareness Campaign Nutrition Training Gender Training Stop Child Marriage Awareness Campaign Advocacy for Women Rights Women’s Day Assembly Women Livelihood Training Child Health Care Non-formal Education Session Capacity Building Training for Local CBO/NGO Capacity Building Training for Network Member Peer Educators Training Stakeholders & Volunteers Training Food Preservation Program for Farmer Human development and leadership training HIV/AIDS Awareness Session Anti Smoking Campaign Staffs Training Adolescent Girls Program Income Generation Activities  Arsenic Mitigation HIV/AIDS Training Session Advocacy on Democracy and Human Rights and Legal Aid Support Maternal & Child Health Care Interventions