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  Profile of the school 


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The members of the advisory-body:

Md. Goffran Noor

B. A. (Honours), M. A. (English), Dip. in Ed. D.U., Ex-Principal  of ISST An                         

English  Medium School, Best participant in language course & workshop  under  the supervision of British Council.


Dr. M. Dilder Hossain

M. Sc. (Physics), D. Phil. (Oxford), Professor, Physics Department, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka.


Doctor Feroza Hossain

Chairman, Botany Department, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka.


Doctor Hayat Mahmud

Exe-Chairman, Department of Bengali, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka.


Doctor Abul Kasham Chowdhury

B. A. Hoons. (1st class 1st), M. A. (1st class 1st), P. Hd.(India), Exe-Head of the   

Department, Department of  Bengali, Jahangirnagar Univerrsity.


Anirudha Alam

B. A. (Hons), M. A. (Bengali), M. A (English) and a prominant author of many  textbooks.                                                                                 



EVER GREEN International School is an old school flourishing in a modern and sophisticated design. Its syllabus and curriculum are in line with the English Medium school. The students are taught in English and with computer education to ensure a promising future.

With a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, the school is decidedly different. Its special features are:

# Skills thruí English workshops                     # P.T. and drill

# Conversation practice                                    # Scouting

# Speech presentation                                      # General assembly

# Debate and recitation                                     # Sports competition

# Drawing and singing                                      # Regular health check up and

# Physical exercise                                            # Other cultural activities.


The teaching method here is a mingle of discipline, care and sympathy.

The classrooms are well furnished having balanced sitting accommodation. Here your child will be educated with books, toys and pictures.

Transport is available on demand.

If youíre trying to decide, donít take too long to get your childís admitted. Please, come right now and make your child smart, bright and brilliant.                           


                                                                                         ABU ALAM


                                                                   EVER GREEN International School