EVER GREEN International School  
  English Medium School  
  Profile of the School


  Profile of the school 


  Goals and objectives

  Teaching method



  Ever green is a motto

  System of exam

  Subjects to be notable




Some words for our responsible parents and guardians


     We have a noble task for our future citizen i.e. our children.


    We have to prepare our pupils to speak, read and write English fluently and have to prepare to face them in aspect the international standard of education of this day. Moreover, they have to be efficient to face the challenge in every stage of practical life.  

    On this noble aspect, we have to remember that a syllabus is not a nominal, but an important document. This is a directive for students, teachers and directors. On the other hand, it is also a reliable document for our honorable guardians and parents. To fulfil the above noble aspect of the education of our dearest son, we have to achieve the full co-operation from our responsible parents and guardians. If so, we can assure you for a gradual developing and promising syllabus for future.


    Thank you for assurance and co-operation that is trusted on the parents respond will be maintained.


    Looking forward to meet you next.

    With a heartiest thank to you.


                                                            Nipun Alam

                                                               Vice Principal

                                                                  B. Sc. (Honours); M. Sc. (Mathematics)


EVER GREEN is a Motto-

 flourishing the following qualities in a child:

                  g E = Eagerness                         g G = Gentility

                  g V =Versatility                         g R = Responsibility

                  g E = Earnestness                      g E = Enthusiasm

                  g R = Regularity                        g E = Enabling

                                                                       g N = Nobility.




There will be 4 semester in a session. These are as follows:

1st Semester = Seedling Semester

2nd Semester = Budding Semester

3rd Semester = Flowering Semester

4th Semester = Fruiting Semester


Subjects to be notable


School dress:

          For male student:       1. White pant, white shirt, ash tie & ash cap (For Saturday & Sunday)

                                             2. White shirt, ash pant, ash tie & ash cap (For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.)

          For female student:    1. White frock & ash cap (For Saturday & Sunday)

                                             2. Ash skirt, white shirt, ash tie & ash cap (For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.)           


School shoe:

           For male student:       1. Black shoes Bata,  Model no: 321-6021

                                              2. White socks    


           For female student:   1. Black shoes Bata, Model no: 321-6145

                                             2. White socks



The diary, syllabus, monogram (for shirt & frock), tie, cap and related others school things have to be collected from

    the school-office with its payable fixed price.


Students are required to be dressed in correct school uniform from the first day of school.


Students must carry their school diary & homework copies with them every day.


Every student must use handkerchief.




I promise with the name of Al-mighty Allah to become a good student, a good citizen and good to brothers and to build prosperous Bangladesh.

Please, Allah, help me to fulfill my promise most properly.